Sleepy Sunday

All day long I’ve been so tired! I don’t think we went to bed that much later than usual, but either way it’s been a slow start to the day. Alex had to haul some stuff to the dump at noon so I helped gather all the stuff he needed to take with him. It was mainly the rug that was used as carpeting under the stairs, laminate flooring scraps and carpet underlay, ancient roller blinds and curtain rods, and a broken picture frame from IKEA. While he was out he also stopped by Wickes to see if our shelf boards were ready to pick up yet, but he came home shortly after when he found out they weren’t ready. Just as he walked in the door I got an email confirmation that the order was ready to collect, so he had a quick lunch and headed back out to Wickes. While he did all the running around town I curled up with Dolores on the sofa and had a wee nap. When he finally came home with the shelf boards he told me he had to wait 45 minutes for them to get the order ready and also that there was some confusion about the order already being collected. Regardless of the messiness of the click and collect system, I’m glad we were finally able to get the stuff we needed!

Unfortunately for us, the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Rain and fifteen mile per hour gusts of wind means we’ll have to wait a week or so before we can cut the shelf boards outside. And to think that we had such nice weather the last few days, too! Oh well, at least we’ve got the shelf brackets in place and we’re all set to take advantage of the next dry day.

After Alex got back he quickly joined me on the sofa and we had a long nap until the sun went down. I woke up with Ichabod laying on me while I laid my legs across Alex. So cute! It’s been such a sleepy Sunday but I’m actually glad for it. Sometimes you just need to nap.