Pack and Clean

Going to the gym two days in a row is exhausting. Like, sure, I had a great workout today, but at what cost? I definitely feel like I could go to sleep right here at the kitchen table.

So tomorrow we head out to London for our wedding anniversary weekend extravaganza! The weather doesn’t look like it’ll be very glamorous, so it’s a good thing we’re planning on heading to Westfield to do a whole day’s worth of shopping on Saturday. I’ve laid out our clothes and I’ve made a list of all the bits and bobs we need to pack so there’s not much else to do but throw it in the suitcase. Tomorrow morning I’m planning on taking a shower and doing my hair and makeup but once all of that stuff is out of the way I can chuck all my beauty bits in the suitcase and call it a day.

I’m really looking forward to this mini vacation! I feel like it’s been a while since we last got away from it all and really treated ourselves. Hopefully we don’t act too much like a couple of kids set loose in a candy store while we’re out shopping but I do think we deserve to push the boat out a bit and get ourselves some nice things.

We’ve got to tidy up the flat tonight and make sure it doesn’t look too scummy before we even leave, so I’m going to go help do that now while I’ve still got a bit of life left behind these rapidly closing eyes. See you tomorrow!

day 140 pack and clean