Feeling Accomplished

Right after I finished writing yesterday’s journal entry I remembered that I’d left out one crucial thing about the 18th of February. Seven years ago on that date I moved from America to the UK, and it was a pivotal moment in my life. I remember learning a long time ago in school that every seven years your body has replaced all of its cells, and if that’s actually the case then it means that I am a completely different person from the one I was in 2015. I’ve definitely had plenty of ups and downs, but I would agree that they have all helped me learn more about who I am and what I value in life. So, cheers to seven years in England! I have a very charmed life here and I wouldn’t trade it for all the riches in the world (but I might for all of the cats! Haha, just kidding… Kinda…)

Another big accomplishment happened in the early hours of the morning when I finished reading the third book in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series: The Wastelands. The story actually ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, which was really surprising but it also makes me want to grab the fourth book ASAP so I can find out what happens next. I’m really enjoying the story so far, despite having started reading the book over a year ago.

Alex and I spent our day doing a bit of shopping over in East Grinstead before heading over to my studio. We haven’t explored the town at all even though I’ve had my studio on the outskirts for over a year now. The town feels like a mix of old buildings and newer apartment buildings, making it a little odd for sightseeing at times. I get the vibe that it’s had a bit of a population boom but hasn’t been able to keep up with demand enough to actually plan for residential neighbourhoods that make sense. Instead, there are apartment buildings with balconies looking out onto the back of the post office, mini roundabouts shoved in tight intersections, and tudor style buildings next to modern retail shops. It’s a bit of a mess to look at, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of shops. We used to live in a little village that had ten or more salons on the high street, broken up by empty storefronts for rent and a random boutique here or there. Luckily East Grinstead has more of a selection and it actually feels like you could get a bit of shopping done in town. We had a quick look in a couple of charity shops (much to my delight) and it was great to see all of the different bits and bobs. The only thing I got was a little looseleaf tea infuser pot for five quid, but I expect we’ll be back on a much sunnier day to really explore.

After our stop in town we made our way to the studio to check on the silicone moulds I poured last weekend. Alex hadn’t seen what I was working on, so it was a good way for him to get an idea of where I was at in the process, too. Luckily, all three of the moulds that I poured seem to have worked! I only say “seemed” because I won’t really know if they’re good until I pour wax in them and see for myself, but they all released from their containers just fine. I brought them home so I can trim them with a stanley knife, and after that I think I would like to do a plaster of paris pour in each of them so I can see how they turn out without wasting any of my wax. I also think that if I use plaster of paris I can then go in with a bit of sandpaper or something to smooth any rough edges, and from there I could pour new silicone moulds using the plaster of paris as the blanks.

It’s nice to see some progress with mould making, though! I definitely have loads to learn but I already feel a little better now that I’ve actually got something out of it.

Tomorrow I’ve got my first dance team practice, so I’m going to leave this post here for tonight! I’m nervous but that’s nothing new. Hoping to get a good night’s rest and do a lot of stretching beforehand. See ya!