Brilliant Day for a Barbecue

It’s been a busy day and I’m pretty tired. We started our day off putting a bunch of the crazy paver slabs into bags and loading them into the car so we could take them to the recycling center for disposal. We didn’t even manage to get rid of all of them but at least we took care of the ones that were sitting on the ground just outside of our brick wall.

After doing some manual labour we rewarded ourselves with some cold coffee drinks and a little mooch around The Range. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything because I’m trying to spend less frivolously, however we did come home with a new rose for the front garden, some flower bulbs, and a couple of toys for the cats. I did enjoy walking around the garden centre at the shop, though. It was lovely to see so many flowers in bloom and it made me excited to do some gardening. I especially liked the look of a plant called Salix that had pink tips! Perhaps I’ll get some in the future.

Once we got home we pretty much just got ready and headed out to for a barbecue at the in-law’s to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. The weather was absolutely perfect for it, too. I had a couple of aperol spritz’s and ate a bunch of tasty food. Now I’m exhausted and my body is sore. Hoping to get a solid eight hours’ rest tonight!