Chilly Craft Day!

It actually felt like Autumn today – chilly with some sunshine! As much as I wanted to stay wrapped up in a blanket, I knew I had to take advantage of the nice weather to make some more progress on my mushroom project. So while Alex diligently filled in one of the large mushrooms with polyfilla, I carved the other one and then went on to sand the rest of the mushrooms with the orbital sander. Sanding went so much quicker than I expected, too! After I carved the big mushroom I decided to sand the foam instead of using the surform to shave it and I think that it worked really well. The only downside was that I ended up with a fine layer of microscopic foam all over me and it felt pretty awful.

Afterwards we had a little tea break and then went on to cut the downpipes down to size to create the mushroom stalks. We used the compound mitre saw which made the process quick and painless, and once we were done we could actually see what the mushrooms would look like when we’re done! Alex snapped some pics during the process – it’s great to have him around to document stuff I can’t be bothered to take pictures of while it’s happening. After that we went ahead and slapped a coat of paint on the small mushrooms and they’ve been taking a while to full dry. They’ll need another coat of paint before we’re totally done with the red paint, so hopefully we can get to that tomorrow.

The next step for the mushroom project is to use hot glue to secure the downpipes to the mushroom heads, and then we can go in with a bit of spray foam to secure it even more. We also bought some garden stakes that we’re planning on sticking into the bottom so we can stand the mushrooms up in the garden. I’m expecting it’ll be a sort of trial and error with the garden stakes but I think we’ll figure it out eventually.

Besides crafting and being cold all day, we also watched the new LE SSERAFIM documentary that just dropped on YouTube! Four episodes have been released so far but I’m not sure if there will be more. It was really interesting to see the journey the group has taken to get ready for their kpop debut and I feel really proud and protective of them. They’re having their first comeback next month and I can’t wait to hear the new music and see what concept they’re going for!! Exciting times!