1st Therapist Appointment: Done

Author’s Note: This journal entry was written on November 15th, 2022 however the photos are from the day itself.

I had an appointment with a therapist today and it went pretty well. I mean, it started off a little rocky because we showed up and the therapist had forgotten about the appointment, but she seemed nice enough and pretty easy to talk to. I have another appointment with a different therapist on Wednesday so it’ll be good to compare both of the experiences in order to help me decide on the right therapist for me.

After the appointment we spontaneously decided to get Five Guys for dinner so that was nice. Alex made tiramisu for dessert so a few hours after we got back we tried it and it wasn’t bad! I think the recipe I chose was maybe a little too simplified because it didn’t call for coffee liqueur, so we’re both excited for him to try and make it again!!

In other news, I’ve made some progress with my painting on the large canvas. I’ve got a couple layers of bright pink paint down already so the next step is going to be to sketch everything in. I’m hoping that the pink layer underneath everything helps everything pop, too.