Snow Day!

Author’s note: This journal entry was written on December 16th, 2022 however the photos are from the day itself.

We went over to the studio today to do some more packing and on the way we stopped for some coffee at McDonald’s as a little treat. As we drove toward the studio with the grey sky overhead, I marvelled at the amount of frost covering the trees and roofs, wondering if we actually would get snow before the new year. Packing up the studio was going well – Alex labeled the last of my batch of candles and I worked on packing up the small array of kitchen items I’d accumulated over the years.

After some time went by, Alex looked out the window and noticed that it was starting to snow! We both bundled up and ran outside to catch snowflakes on our tongues, as thick, fluffy snow flurries fell down with increasing speed. The sheep in the field across from my studio looked at us with confusion while trying to munch on the grass, their white coats beginning to get lost amongst a curtain of white. The sky was so bright with all of the snow, too! Normally at that hour in the winter the sun starts to slip away, but the snowflakes acted as a reflector and extended daylight for a little while longer.

Once we’d had our fill of catching snowflakes we resumed our duties in the studio. About an hour later, we were ready to head home and were shocked to see the car and the ground were covered in at least ten centimetres or more of fresh snow! The car was packed tightly with boxes and storage containers, and we stopped by the bins before heading out of the industrial complex. The BMW in front of us couldn’t make it up the incline on the side street that lead to the main road and luckily there were quite a few people out on a wintery walk to help push the car up and out. Our car didn’t have much trouble, thankfully, however the slurry of snow and ice on the roads did make it difficult to turn.

Traffic on the way home was bumper to bumper. What was normally a thirty minute trip turned into an hour long journey!! The roads were absolutely covered with snow, and I reckon that if we had left any later we might have been stranded for the night. We made it home in one piece and I let the cats out in the catio to see what they thought of snow. Ichabod was the first one to venture out but after a quick run out, he ran right back inside leaving little paw prints in the snow. Rosemary went out a little bit later but only for a few moments, and that gave Ichabod more confidence to try again. The second time he went out, he sat under a chair and stared out at the snowy garden for a while before coming back inside. I’m most surprised that Margot never went outside! Both he and Rosemary are Norwegian Forest cats so you’d think they’d be built for this type of weather but I guess Margot was not interested in the slightest.