Celebrating 11 Years of Dating!

Author’s note: this journal entry was written on December 22nd, 2022 however the photos are from the day itself.

Can you believe that Alex and I have been dating for eleven years?! We decided to celebrate by going to the bowling alley for a cute date. We played a couple of rounds of bowling and I swear I got progressively worse as we went on. I tried to switch up the weight of the ball I was using because I think my arm was getting tired and that seemed to help. By the end of the second round I had three frames where I missed completely, haha!! I’m glad we both won a round, though.

After bowling we sat and had some nachos and chatted for a bit before getting some coins to play in the arcade. Skee-ball was my favourite and it was also the most lucrative in terms of tickets, and my least favourite might have been the flappy bird game because it was really difficult and I only got 4 tickets from it! I’ve always enjoyed arcades, so I’m glad we spent the £10 on it. At the end we combined our tickets and got some double dip candy which is basically fun dip, and then we went over to Five Guys for some veggie grilled cheeses before hitting up the cinema to see The Menu.

Overall, I had a great date night with Alex. I was so worried my back pain would sour my mood but luckily it was okay and the main issue became sweltering heat inside every building!! I’m very lucky to have a partner who is as supportive, generous, funny, and as sweet as Alex is to me. He’s a good egg and I love him.