Freezing & Full

Whelp. The temperature has been below freezing all day and I have decided it is insane. I may have experienced weather this cold in New Orleans, however it is much more manageable when you live in a country where radiators and double-glazed windows are standard practice. I have to admit that I quite enjoy cozying up to the radiator when it gets a bit chilly, although I’ll let you be the judge as to whether or not I learned that behavior from my cat Beatrice.

I just got home from a night out in Balham at my sister-in-law’s place and my face is still defrosting from the walk home. We brought over a few bottles of wine and ended up eating far too much sourdough pizza. Then we played a quick round of Balderdash and got the train back in to town! I really enjoyed getting out of the house and catching up. It’s something I really need to make more time for with friends and family, so maybe I ought to try to make plans with more people this year. I say that as if the year is flying by, when in actuality it is still the third week of 2016. Hah!

I am feeling very drained, though. Waking up at 7am and having a full day is not exactly a winning combo in terms of staying awake very late. I did snap a few pictures that I really love, so at least there’s that. Tomorrow I’ve got to sit down and do a bit of work during the day but I suspect that will happen after I go to the gym. Either way, I hope you enjoy today’s photos and I also hope it is not nearly as freezing in your neck of the woods. Thanks and I’ll see you tomorrow!