Vision Boards for 2023

I’m feeling pretty accomplished today. In the afternoon drove myself over to the shops and bought some haircare products and other bits from Superdrug and Poundland. Alex didn’t come with me because he was still waking up so I surprised him with a big jar of different flavour skittles and some other treats. He and I usually go to the shops together and I missed having him with me to navigate through my social anxieties, so I wanted to cheer him up and let him know I was thinking about him. We had lunch together and I introduced him to one of my favourite reality TV shows from the 2000s: Laguna Beach.

This evening after dinner we sat down with our stacks of old magazines and began crafting our vision boards for the new year. We’ve done them for 2021 and 2022 and I think it’s a really nice way to start thinking about things you’d like to happen in the future without putting too much pressure on yourself. The vision board I made last year had BTS on it and we actually ended up seeing them this year so it’s kind of like I manifested it!! Anyway, I like the way mine turned out this year. I’m hoping I have a creative and inspiring year with lots of plants and colour. I also added K-POP and LE SSERAFIM and DANCE to it because those are some of the things I want to prioritise in 2023. I hope we get to see LE SSERAFIM and I also hope I do a lot of dancing in the new year.

This year has had a lot of peaks and a lot of valleys. Things didn’t really go the way I had expected them to, but it feels like now I’m on a path toward understanding myself and improving a lot of aspects of my life in a slow and sustainable fashion.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I’m going to write the journal entry before midnight but I’m going to wait to do the photos because our friend Simon is coming over, so I’ll likely be post-dating the journal entry. I’ll write more about the future of my photo journal tomorrow! See you then!