Not Doing Nothing

Tuesdays feel like torture, unlike Mondays which have quickly become one of my most productive days of the week. There’s just something I hate about obeying my alarm at 7am. My whole body aches and begs for more sleep, but I somehow manage to shuffle out of bed and start my morning. Maybe it’s the fact that I know how productive yesterday was that makes it so much harder to convince myself to give as much effort today? I already know what my agenda has in store for me: two hours of freelance in the morning, another two in the afternoon, punctuated by some laundry and TV time. Instead of feeling ready to jumpstart the day, I feel bored! But also tired. So I procrastinate a little bit, allowing myself to enjoy my morning cup of tea and linger on the internet a bit longer than I know I should. By ten o’clock I find myself clawing my way out of a very deep hole of random video suggestions on YouTube, only because I feel a glimmer of inspiration in what I already assume will be a fairly boring day.

I wonder if I need to find something fun to do with my time on Tuesdays. But then I also wonder if I am putting too many things on my plate and just setting myself up for failure. Does anyone know why I always feel the urge to push myself; to always be doing something and never content with doing nothing until I feel run down and burnt out? Please tell me if you do because I’m dying to know the answer.

So maybe I spent my entire day procrastinating doing what I needed to be doing and ended up watching a few films along the way. At least I have tomorrow to look forward to, right? See you then.

day 26 tuesdays not doing nothing



  1. Hey CeCe! Just want to thank you for sharing your life with us. Your honesty and insight captivates us every day. Bravo!
    Today’s post about Tuesdays triggered a memory that I wanted to share with you. A while back I found myself in similar circumstances and got connected to a service that you could call on days that you had free time and they would connect you to places in the community that needed volunteers. Sometimes it was helping in a thrift store, other times times feeding the homeless in a soup kitchen. It was by far one of the best experiences of my life. So… much love to you and Pappy and Beatrice

    • Thanks, Julie! That’s actually a great idea. I’ll have to see what sort of stuff I can find around town (:

  2. Routines take a while to perfect, try not to beat yourself up about it. If you feel you have a lot to achieve and procrastinating because of it, you could try writing a list of 3 achievable things and focus on getting those done. However, you’ll figure out what works for you in these situations.

    • You’re absolutely right. Today’s been better — I sat down and wrote a list of stuff I should accomplish today and I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I would with an hourly schedule. I have a feeling that planning my days in advance isn’t necessarily the best thing for me, so I’ll have to try planning only a day before. Either way, it takes time! I’m sure I’ll work it out eventually (:

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