Accomplished and Exhausted

I’m so tired/sleepy/zonked from such a busy day. I guess I feel a bit smug from how productive I’ve been today, so when you read this entry just promise me you won’t pull a muscle from rolling your eyes too hard, ‘kay? Thanks.

So last night I said I was going to schedule my week, but guess what? I actually did it! I sat down at my desk with a little notebook and pen and broke down my days into 15 hour windows. Starting at 7AM and ending at 10PM, I wrote down when I should do freelance work, go to the gym, have lunch, go outside, and I even made time for TV (naturally!).

I feel like my expectations weren’t too far off from the reality of the day and I actually accomplished so much in the morning that by the time my 4pm work block rolled around I actually didn’t have much left to do! Another thing that I actually remembered to do was drink enough water by 12pm, rather than leaving it all until the evening.

Oh, I also went to the gym and now feel like a big bowl of mush. But it’s all good because I actually beat my personal best on the cross-trainer/elliptical! It’s the little victories that keep ya going, you know?

Anyway, right now I am feeling so sleepy that I’m not entirely sure if I’ll make it to 10pm. Hopefully my desire to watch The X-Files will keep me awake, but no promises. Home girl is mega tired.

day 25 accomplished and exhausted


How was your day?

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