Whole Latte Nonsense

The weather wasn’t very nice today, so we didn’t end up going to the Vintage Fair after all. At first I was a little annoyed at myself for saying we were going and then deciding not to, but I think I was being too hard on myself. We did manage to get out of the house, though, and the day wasn’t a complete waste.

Last night I think I said something along the lines of: “I don’t have enough latte art in my life.”

It may seem silly, but I kind of envy the amount of people in the world who get to enjoy beautiful lattes on a daily basis! Honestly, I don’t think there are many coffee shops in this little town that put any effort into latte art. Usually the coffee is really delicious but there’s no pizzazz to it. Baristas here just chuck it into a cup, pour some foam on top and call it a day. Although I have to say, the price of a vanilla latte here is a lot less than you might get from Starbucks, so I can’t complain too much.

Anyway, we decided to grab a cup of coffee in town at a coffee shop we had only been to once before. The last time we were there I remember getting a gorgeous hot chocolate — complete with whipped cream and a Cadbury flake! One thing I had forgotten is that they only took cash, which I find really annoying because neither me or my husband ever carry cash, but I digress. Our lattes were very tasty and we spent about an hour chatting about everything and nothing all at once. It was a nice change of pace.

Then after the caffeine kicked in we went to Holland & Barrett and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the variety of healthy snacks. Eventually we came away with a huge bag of cacao nibs, some asian snacks, eggless mayonnaise, a single ginseng tea bag, and a loyalty card, because why the heck not? I’m trying to curb my seemingly insatiable cravings for sweets, so I’m glad I picked up the cacao nibs. I tried them with some soy yogurt when we got home and was pretty impressed with the chocolate aroma and the powerful bitter aftertaste! Apparently cacao nibs have all sorts of health benefits, which is great and everything, but the main thing I’m excited for is not feeling like I need to devour a boatload of chocolate in order to be happy.

This week I’m really looking forward to doing more freelance work, so I’m thinking I’ll spend a little bit of time this evening planning out a schedule for myself. I’m still trying to balance work and going to the gym with this photo journal, as well as encouraging myself to just get out of the house on a daily basis. It’s really important to me that I keep up this photo journal, as well as look after the other areas of my life. Sometimes I get so sucked in to doing one thing that I end up neglecting everything else, so I’m going to challenge myself to delegate my time and commit to a schedule. Hopefully it works out! I don’t usually like feeling pressured or forced to be creative but I think that I would absolutely benefit from some structure.

All right, that’s all I’ve got for today! Enjoy the photos and I’ll see you tomorrow.

day 24 whole latte nonsense