The Compromise [story]

“Do you trust me?”

“No,” Jim mumbled, lathering his hands with soap and rinsing them in the sink.

“Well, can you at least try?”

Rolling his eyes, he grabbed a fistful of paper towels. “Fine, but no promises, Eli.”

Eli and Jim exited the restroom together and made their way back to the bar when they noticed Kyle and Beth waving to them. Jim forced a smile at Kyle as Eli embraced Beth, his best friend since High School. Eager to order something strong to drink as soon as possible, Jim got the bartender’s attention.

Eli knew he hated hanging out with them, but that didn’t stop him from organizing another happy hour with the pair of lovebirds. Ever since they got engaged they had become absolute nightmares, but since Beth asked Eli to be in her bridal party they were sort of obligated to spend time with them. This, along with the fact that he had a terrible day at work, was enough reason for Jim to order a double shot of tequila in addition to his usual vodka soda.

“We’ve finally set a date!” Beth squealed, clutching her cocktail in excitement.

“You did?!” Eli gasped, “Spring or Summer?”


Eli’s face lit up as he pulled her in for another hug, nearly spilling her drink over his back. Jim quickly threw back his shot, grimacing before washing it down with a sip of his drink. Just as he was about to see if he could find a way to join the conversation, he turned to Kyle and raised his drink in celebration.

“So… Congratulations on setting a date!” He grimaced, not sure if he sounded very convincing.

Kyle nodded, lifting his beer, “Oh, yeah… Thanks, man.” He sighed, sipping his beer and glancing over at Beth as she spoke to Eli. Since the conversation with Kyle began and ended in less than a minute, Jim turned his attention to the rest of the bar. The crowd wasn’t half bad for a Tuesday night, although that wasn’t to say that it was any good at all. A few regulars sat in booths sipping their pints as a small gaggle of college girls circled around the dance floor wearing tiaras.

He loved how optimistic Eli was about everything, but Jim just couldn’t understand the benefit of going to a happy hour in the saddest bar in the world, especially with the most annoying couple he had ever had the displeasure of meeting. But since it was important to Eli, Jim trusted him and went along with the plan, even though he knew the result of such a dull night would come in the form of a hangover the next day. It was a compromise he was willing to make.

day 28 the compromise [story]