Celebrating with Activities

Celebrations often revolve around food, and as someone who has come to the conclusion that I am addicted to unhealthy foods I find this very troubling to work around. February alone has at least four different reasons for me to celebrate: the anniversary of getting the keys to our flat, Valentine’s Day, the anniversary of the day I moved to England, and the mensi-versary of when my husband and I began dating.

In my shift towards a healthier way of living (i.e. “clean”-er vegetarian cooking and regular exercise) I have struggled to find fun activities that satiate my desire to commemorate special occasions in ways that don’t always involve going for a meal or having a pint down at the pub.

So, here is a list of activities I would love to do with friends and family this year to celebrate special days.


I know this seems really odd, but I love a good adrenaline rush! I feel like this is the sort of thing that would be just outside of everyone’s comfort zone enough for us to have a good laugh.


I’ve never actually been camping apart from in a back yard, so I’d love to round-up a few friends and see how we fare in the semi-wilderness for a weekend. Could be interesting!

Theme Park

I grew up in Florida so obviously I love a good trip to the theme park, even if it’s just a little carnival or seasonal fair. And like I said before, I love a good adrenaline rush and theme parks are the perfect place to get my fix.

Ice Skating

It’s been a few years since I’ve gone ice skating and even though I’ve lost a little bit of my balance I would love to get back on an ice rink and do a few laps before my ankles scream in agony!

Trampoline Park

My family used to have a trampoline in our backyard when I was in High School and it was the best way to spend an afternoon with friends after school, especially when we were procrastinating homework. I feel like going to a trampoline park would be so much fun because everyone can bounce on the trampoline and it doesn’t require a ton of skill!


Okay, this one’s a little boring if you aren’t into it or if you’re with the wrong group of people, but I think it would be so much fun to go to a midnight bowling session where the lanes are lit up by black lights and really good jams are pumpin’ through the speakers.

Take a Dance Class

I’m sort of addicted to watching choreography videos on YouTube and even though I am not a skilled dancer by any means, I would love to take a dance class with some friends! As long as we can laugh at ourselves, though, because I doubt we’ll be any good!

Laser Tag

Come on, why wouldn’t you want to play laser tag?? I’m super competitive so I feel like the stakes would be pretty high for my team from the get go.

Take a Workout Class

This one is probably not for everybody, but I think it’s similar to the dance class option but maybe a little less fun. My husband and I are taking a cycling class tomorrow to commemorate the anniversary of my move to the UK, so hopefully this option goes really well and we like it!

Learn a Skill

I would love to learn something new — crocheting/knitting, how to build something from scratch, pottery, or even just how to use some new technology.

DIY/Crafting Night

I love getting creative but I feel like this one would be challenging for me to think of an actual DIY or craft to do on my own, however I would totally sign up for a DIY class. I feel like this one could appeal to a lot of different people at different skill levels, and it would be really rewarding to make something and take it home with you at the end of it.

Some other activities might include going for a bike ride, a hike, a trip to the seaside, or a day trip to a new place, but for right now I’m content with the ones listed above because they’re a little more specific.

day 49 celebrating with activities