Excited About Budgeting

February feels like it’ll never end. Can’t it just be March already? I’m just ready for new prospects and a better handle on my finances. Speaking of which, I find myself getting really obsessive and excited about budgeting lately. There’s a gratification about looking at where the money is being spent and finding the best ways in which it can be allocated. I look forward to planning for the near future as well as planning for things a few years down the line.

Some people may see it as stressful, and sometimes it absolutely can be, but more often than not I find clarity in the whole process? Obviously it’s not glamorous to have to prioritize paying off debts over buying a new gaming console (we’ve been saving up for one since October last year) but once those are taken care of there is more room in the budget for fun and exciting expenses. In my head there is a constant carousel of Things I’d Like to Buy at Some Point and I do find myself adding on to that list quite a lot. The thing that’s helpful for me about this is that it gives me some time to sit down and reflect on those Things and decide how urgently I need them. Sometimes it’s little things like a cat grass planter or an exercise ball, but it’s also stuff that I really ought to get sooner like a laptop stand and keyboard. By keeping these Things in mind I am more aware of whether or not they are actually ‘needs’ or ‘wants’.

I look at my finances and budgets as a work in progress. There is always something that can be improved, whether it be decreasing the cost of a utility bill, allocating more money for transportation, or setting aside some extra dough for a trip to the movies. In March I think I’m going to try and plan ahead a little bit more for those unexpected trips and outings with friends and family. In the past I don’t think I’ve left enough room in our budget to be able to participate in those sorts of things without feeling guilty immediately afterward.

day 52 excited about budgeting