Walls in Progress

When I used to live at home I would switch up the layout of my room on a regular basis. I placed the bed under the window, pushed it into the corner, and one time I even centered it. My dresser found its home in the closet when I decided I wanted more floor space, although the floor was hardly ever visible underneath heaps of clothes. In one of the many bedrooms I had I remember hanging a humongous tarp across one of the walls. On the tarp was a painting of a funny-looking blonde lady wearing a polka-dot bathing suit and cat eye sunglasses. I loved choosing the color for my walls and one time I got away with painting them neon yellow with the occasional grouping of black, white, and pink stars.

My style when I was younger was eclectic-pop and almost always featured a Hilary Duff or Harry Potter poster tacked to the wall. When I was in University a friend who worked at a movie theatre gave me a huge poster for The Social Network, which immediately found its way onto the wall of one dorm room and two different apartments until I rolled it up and brought it with me to New Orleans after graduation. I don’t even remember if I really loved the film so much as I loved the design of that poster: a close-up shot of Jesse Eisenberg with “You Don’t Get to 500 Million Friends Without Making a Few Enemies” emblazoned across his face in uppercase Futura. It was striking.

I haven’t quite finished off decorating the walls where I live now. Today I switched up the pictures and finally got around to putting a few vintage Coca-Cola ads up, but there are still spots that are in need of some help. I’ll probably put up some more mirrors in the living room and eventually figure out where I want more shelves to go. Eventually I would like to replace our TV media unit for a floating one, but in the mean time the one we have is just fine. I definitely think we’ll be painting these terrible pastel green walls before the year is up, however the prospect of selecting a color and then taking out all of the furniture is less than appealing right now. Either way, this flat is still very much a work in progress despite having lived here for a whole year.

day 53 Walls in Progress