Bored on a Tuesday

I feel like every Tuesday so far this year has been extremely uneventful for me. Today, for instance, I worked really hard to be productive and now that the day is almost over I still don’t feel like I did very much at all. Having begun the last few loads of laundry this morning and got around to sending out a few emails, most of the things on my to do list were checked off before noon, so I ended up taking a mid-morning nap. I woke up feeling very tired this morning and although the nap did help a little bit I still felt supremely bored throughout the day.

One thing I’ve been really good about doing lately is going through the list of films on my Netflix and actually getting around to watching them. Yesterday I watched the “found footage” horror Mr. Jones and I was so disappointed by the end of it that I actually complained about it to my husband when he got home that evening! What could have been a really interesting and scary film took a turn for the mediocre towards the end. It even gave up the found footage nature with which it began and hardly any of the set ups ended up paying off. What a disappointment.

Speaking of Netflix, my husband and I finished watching the original series, Love, and although I was a little annoyed by the ending of the first season I will admit that I am looking forward to next season. It took two or three episodes before either of us really got invested in the characters, but once we did we managed to make our way through the rest of the first season in less than two days.

In other news, have I mentioned how annoying it is to have loud upstairs neighbors? We finally introduced ourselves and were surprised to find that the new tenants look to be about our age, which sort of explains why we always hear them stomping around. When the owner of the flat was living there we never heard anything, and now it’s like we’re hearing every little move they make. Honestly, it’s just annoying and a simple thing that occasionally gets on my nerves, especially right now since it appears they’re moving furniture around or playing tackle football? It’s an odd predicament since we own our flat and they’re just renting, but we don’t want to be rude and insist they buy a rug.

day 54 Bored on a Tuesday