Hummus Forever

Today was supposed to be a little more exciting than usual. We had made plans with a couple of friends and when those failed to materialize I found myself more annoyed than I should have been, probably because I was really looking forward to getting out of the house. I have such a nasty habit of holding grudges for petty things like failed plans. It’s ridiculous because there have been so many times where I have bailed on my friends for any number of reasons — the main one usually being a lack of money or feeling too anxious.

So, before our plans for the day fell apart I spent most of the morning pacing around wondering if I was wasting my time. Honestly, I had a feeling there would be a wrench thrown in there but I still wish I was wrong, you know? When stuff like this doesn’t work out I always blame myself for getting my hopes up, which is why I usually try to take it all with a grain of salt.

Rather than be social, we spent the day watching a couple of films on Netflix that were decent, and then I decided I wanted to make hummus. I’ve made hummus only once before, and that was when I couldn’t justify buying a jar of tahini for a single recipe, but luckily we had some of the very stuff in our fridge from another dish. So, we made a quick trip to the shops to grab some chickpeas and then I got to work. A can of chickpeas, some lemon juice, a bit of cumin, garlic, and olive oil later… Bam! Delicious homemade hummus. The only annoying thing about making the hummus was how difficult it was to remove all of it from the blender. I suppose that’s one good thing about having a food processor in your kitchen appliance arsenal, but I don’t have enough counter space to warrant buying one right now.

But for real though, I could probably eat my weight in hummus and now that I can whip up a batch I think I just might… Just kidding!! I’ve definitely considered it, though.

day 58 hummus forever