IKEA Trip and Some Troubling News

Today was our big day at IKEA and it actually ended up going a lot better than expected. We got to the store a few minutes before it was even open, and because we went during a weekday the place was practically empty. In fact, we made it through the store with everything on our list in just an hour and a half! That’s a new record, even for us. I was surprised at how close to we came to our budget in the end, even after buying two new glass lampshades rather impulsively. Overall it was an excellent IKEA trip.

I wish I had better news after our great time shopping for shelves, but I really don’t. We got some bad news back about some stuff we’ve been dealing with our neighbors (nothing against them, thankfully!). We’re all in the same boat on this one particular situation and, rather unfortunately, I think we’re about to reach the end of the line. It’s frustrating because my husband, his father, and I have all worked very hard and put in so much effort, and it might all be for naught by the end of this week. I’ll make sure to talk about this in more detail and some semi-specifics after everything is said and done, but for right now just know that we’re all very unhappy about what is about to transpire.

On top of that bad news, I finally heard back about my last set of assignments for my interior design course. My tutor said I need to resubmit one of this assignments and then, confusingly enough, sent an email saying she had received my resubmission? I had a look at her feedback for the assignment that she wants me to resubmit and I’m really annoyed because her feedback is saying that I should have included something that was not a part of the assignment at all. Obviously I emailed her back to say that I believe I had fulfilled the assignment that I was given, and honestly I hope this gets resolved rather quickly, but I’m just so over this course that I can’t be bothered to redo an assignment that I did correctly the first time around.

Anyway, so I’m feeling quite sour this evening, despite having an otherwise great day. We went to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children tonight but I think I ought to save my complaints for another day. Make sure to check out VEDO #4 below if you’re interested in learning how to make a delicious and super easy vegetarian chili, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 279 ikea trip and some troubling news