Feeding Sheep & Disassembling the Studio

Author’s note: this journal entry was written on December 22nd, 2022 however the photos are from the day itself.

Today we went over to the studio to do a bit more work disassembling the countertops, but first we stopped and said hello to the sheep across the way! There was a big patch of hay by the gate and the sheep came right up to us and nibbled the hay from our hands. The younger ones were more timid and didn’t want to get too close to us, but the older ones didn’t seem to mind.

After that we got to work unscrewing the countertops from the walls to bring them home. One of the countertops is longer than the other so we had to strap it to the roof with multiple ratchet straps. We patched the holes in the walls with some plaster and left it to dry overnight before we made our careful journey back home. The trickiest part was getting out of the industrial unit!! In order to secure the countertop to the roof rack we left the legs on, so we had to drive very slowly as we crossed beneath the overhead in order to prevent the hanging metal tubes from whacking the legs with too much force. Once we made it through, it was smooth sailing.

Now both of the countertops are up in the attic. We were even able to lay the longer of the two across the eaves to make a shelf so now we have more storage options! Overall a really productive day but my back is killing me.