Painting the Studio

Author’s note: this journal entry was written on December 22nd, 2022 however the photos are from the day itself.

The sheep came running up to the gate when they saw our car parked at the studio so of course we had to say hello! We fed them a little bit of hay and then went off to do some painting in the studio.

Painting white walls is one of the least interesting things to do but since we had patched up some holes we needed to get it done anyway. To our surprise, one of the walls was actually a very pale pinky-purple toned white that was only noticeable once we started painting with the correct paint colour. I reckon that a previous tenant used the wrong colour and the landlords didn’t even notice. Ah well, we were planning on painting the entire wall anyway just incase.

That’s really all we got up to today! Just a bit of boring painting. The next time we go back to the studio will probably be the last, so fingers crossed we don’t need to add another coat of paint.