Cold Cat Walk


As I write this, I am sitting at the table next to the radiator with my legs resting on the chair in front of me. It’s just been so damn cold today! Tonight the temperature is supposed to drop below freezing, so I’ve made sure to bump the thermostat up a bit higher than normal.

I spent most of the day moping around the house, lost in my own head trying to wrangle a billion different thoughts and ideas, but I did eventually get to the gym in the afternoon. There weren’t as many people there as there were last time so lady luck must have been on my side after all. I’m making decent progress on the treadmill and I even did some ab and arm exercises, too. Cross your fingers that I get a good night’s sleep this evening.

Speaking of which, I’m really keen on buying a relaxing pillow mist that will help me get to sleep but I can’t seem to find any that are affordable? I think I might try to make my own, although with the cost of essential oils it may actually end up costing more to do it myself. I guess it would be pretty rewarding to say I made it, though. Can you tell the jury is still out on which route I’ll take? Yeah, I thought so.

In other news, Beatrice has been quite the handful today. This morning she was being a total peach (as evidenced by my Beatrice-heavy snap story) but then around 10 she wouldn’t stop screaming to go outside. Like I said, it’s been such a cold day today, and I tried to tell Beatrice she wouldn’t enjoy going outside but for some reason she just wouldn’t listen! So to get her to stop shouting at me I put her in her bright red christmas jumper and put her harness over the top, hoping that a little extra padding would make a little bit of a difference in the cold.

To my surprise, she didn’t seem bothered by the frigid temperatures and she did a bit of walking around before settling on her favorite patch of grass. Beatrice loves to eat grass when she goes outside, but today she got a little bit over excited and couldn’t keep it down. Poor thing. Since then she’s been feeling much better, although she still shouts at me to let her outside. I’m beginning to think we need to get some indoor cat grass to keep her busy.