Little Victories

Feeling out of sorts tonight (again) so I’m going to write a list of things to look forward to and also things to celebrate!

  • We got tickets to see Will Joseph Cook perform in Brighton in March
  • We also got tickets to see Peach Pit when they come to London in May (as our 7th wedding anniversary treat)
  • The bedroom window wall is painted and mould-free
  • Dolores has been very cuddly lately
  • Booked a spot in an online kpop dance class for next week
  • It was sunny again today
  • I cleaned the bedroom windows
  • So many of our favourite shows are back again or have new seasons we need to watch (Euphoria, The Righteous Gemstones, Insecure)

I’m doing that thing again where I get annoyed at myself for feeling anxious. Let’s pivot. I’m really proud of myself for rollering the last coat of white paint on the bedroom wall today. I could have stayed in bed longer watching videos but I got up and did the thing I wanted to accomplish, so go me.

Another little victory for me is that I’ve been keeping up with my 8 glasses of water a day. Sometimes I’ll get to bed time and have to down like 2-3 glasses but hey I’m still doing it and that’s all that matters!

What’s on the schedule for tomorrow? You know, I think I need to do a bit of website stuff for Bit by Bit. Other than that, I’m not really sure. My anxiety is making it really difficult to look further ahead, you know? Deep breaths. See you tomorrow.