Stuck in the Brain Fog

Lately I find myself wanting a change of scenery. As much as I love our house and our neighborhood, part of me wishes we could buy a cheap old house in America. I have had this fantasy of fixing up an old three story house for years now but the urge to pick up and go has gotten a lot stronger since the pandemic.

Being confined to the same place for the last three years isn’t too bad, but without being able to have people visit or really being able to go out and do much in our town it’s gotten monotonous. I also wish we had a boatload of money on top of our current income so that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything other than what we wanted to do.

Truthfully, I do miss America. Realistically, I do not see us moving to America. I am finally beginning to feel like I have roots somewhere so it would be insane to have to essentially start all over again. But the house prices and sizes in America are really, really tempting.

I hate feeling so melancholy! Before I knew I had anxiety and depression I used to refer to this state of mind as “brain fog”. It’s such a fitting term to describe how I’m feeling at the moment, too. Oh, and I’ve not been sleeping well either. On the bright side, at least I managed to do the stuff I set out to do for my candle website last night.

A few days ago I painted these side plates with some porcelain paint and they’re finally cured and ready to use. Painting with this new type of special paint is tricky but I really love the way these came out. The consistency of this type of paint is almost like glue and it’s difficult to get an even layer without piling it on. I’ve got some ideas of other things I would like to paint so I’m hoping they’ll turn out nicely, too.