Stress Levels Too High? Time to De-Stress!

As someone plagued by a stream of endless stress, you might think I would have a way to deal with it by now, right? Well, yes and no. Stress is something I have to deal with even when I think the coast is clear, so make no mistake in thinking that my version of ‘de-stressing’ is anywhere near actually getting rid of the stress itself. Think of it more as a way to cope with day-to-day stress than anything else and remember that something that might work for me might not work for you. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite ways to de-stress.

Soak in the Tub

Even when I’m not feeling very stressed this is still one of my favorite ways to spend a half hour. Not only does it give me the opportunity to have some time to myself, but it also allows me to disconnect from everything and focus on, well, nothing. For this method to really work best I highly suggest using a luxurious bath bomb, a scoop of bath salts, or something extra bubbly to help lift your spirits.

Jam Out

Whether it’s belting Britney Spears in the car on the way to work or tapping your fingers to Rhianna on the train, grooving to music is an excellent way to ward off stress. Speaking from experience, when I’m signing along to one of my favorite tunes I just don’t have time to be worried about anything other than hitting all of those notes! Seriously though, put on a good song and let the rhythm do the rest.

Practice Good Skincare

There’s something so luxurious about paying enough attention to your skin, and face masks are my favorite way to do this. I prefer mud masks for days when my skin is being really troublesome, and I save the sheet masks for days like today when I want to smother my skin with moisturizers and veg out for an hour. If you need to kill time while waiting for your mask to set and your stress to dissipate, try watching a movie or a TV show!

There you have it, my three favorite ways to get rid of stress when it’s becoming all too much. Sometimes I just do one, but often times I’ll treat myself to all three and honestly just taking time for myself makes all the difference in the end. Anyway, that’s it for today! Make sure to check out VEDO #5 below and I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 280 Stress Levels Too High? Time to De-Stress!