Quite a Random Day

Just the other day I washed my hair but it felt so greasy afterwards that I had to wash it again today. Isn’t that bizarre? The same thing happened a few weeks ago and the only thing I could chalk it up to is using too much product, but nonetheless it’s really annoying to deal with. Right, off to quite a random start, aren’t we?

I’ve been enjoying VEDO so far! It’s really nice to string together bits of my day and cut them to some good tunes. I’ve noticed that my videos have gotten shorter and shorter over the last few days, but honestly it’s just ended up being that way for no reason other than me liking them as they are. Making videos every day is also a little bit taxing, especially on days like today where my only plans are to play The Sims 4 and make a chili, but if there’s a will, there’s usually a way.

Tonight we had a meeting with our neighbors down at the pub, and although the meeting was very tense and quite serious, I’m glad we all came away on (mostly) the same page. I like our neighbors a lot and it’s unfortunate that we’ve all been put into an unsatisfactory predicament but I’m sure we’ll get through it eventually.

In other news, we’re heading to IKEA tomorrow! I know I keep going on and on about this, but really it’s been absolute ages since we last went and we’re really overdue for it. I’m also looking forward to spending the day with my husband, even though I know we’re bound to get on each others’ nerves at least a little bit while we’re in the depths of IKEA, haha. I think we’re also going to try and hit up some of the stores nearby and see if there’s anything we like there, too. Obviously the main goal is to get out of IKEA unscathed, and anything more than that is just a bonus.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Make sure to check out VEDO #3 below and I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 278 quite a random day