Necessary Recreation

Okay, I think I reached my limit today. I opened up my new module to see what I’d be getting into over the next three weeks and found out that I have to purchase samples. Now, I completely understand that buying samples is all part of the interior design process, however I find it so frustrating that I am only now finding out that it is required for this assignment.

So, I got a little sad and sank even further into my bad mood because once again I have to spend my money on stuff that doesn’t directly contribute to my happiness or wellbeing. Lucky for me, my husband really cares about me and listens to my woes so he suggested we go to the movies after work and I’m glad he did because I definitely needed a bit of recreation. Gah, I love going to the movies so much! When I lived in New Orleans I would often go to the movies by myself to kill time and have a laugh or whatever. Being in England is a little different for me since I don’t have a car and I don’t have money I can spend on movie tickets when I get a bit bored. I hope we renew our Odeon Limitless membership in a few months because even though it’s another monthly cost, at least we’ll have the option to go see movies for free without wondering if we’ve got enough wiggle room in our budget. Really, it’s more of an investment in our happiness than anything else! Or at least that’s how we’ve spun it, hah.

In other news, I am really enjoying building in Sims 4. I tinkered around with some of my settings and now the graphics look a whole lot better (and less shitty, frankly). I kind of want to do a speed build with narration but I’m a little nervous about it so if I ever do it I’ll probably upload it as unlisted and share the link on here or Twitter, so stay tuned?

day 161 necessary recreation