Let the Painting Begin!

Goodbye, pale green walls and say hello to peachy cream walls!

So we’ve been painting since about 7pm and we’ve made a lot of great progress. The ceiling has been painted, the edges are done on the connecting walls, and I put the first coat of soft peach on one of the walls, which means that tomorrow will likely go pretty smoothly. Even though we’ve only got a little bit of the three colors up on the wall I can already tell I’m going to love the new look of the living area. It makes the space look so much happier and brighter, which is pretty much always a good thing.

Aside from painting and getting ready to paint (which involved moving everything into our bedroom!) I spent a good chunk of time building stuff in Sims 4 and I even recorded it. I think I’m going to put all of the footage together and do a bit of narration and see how it ends up, but these files take forever to export so I may only do it with one part of the speed build to see if it’s any good. It was pretty cool to watch it back at 300x speed, when in reality I spent over an hour on it, hah!

Tonight we’re staying with the in-laws and we’re in my husband’s old bedroom. Beatrice is with us and she’s loving it but also she’s super on guard. Right now she’s laying at the foot of the bed and I keep catching her head swiveling around to make sure the coast is clear. She’s pretty cute. It’s too bad she’s gotta stay cooped up in this room because I think she would love to explore the back garden! I haven’t taken her for a walk in a few days since the weather has been pretty awful and I can tell she’s itching to explore.

Anyway, I’m super tired (and also pretty hungry) so I’m gonna call it a night. See you tomorrow for round two of painting!

day 162 let the painting begin!