Painting: Day 2

Painting all day does a number on your feet, apparently? I probably should have worn comfier shoes but oh well, I’ll just have to learn from my mistakes. We spent the majority of the day putting down coats of paint all over the flat and the finished result is so much better than the green we had before. Even though we did two coats of nearly all of the colors we’re still going to do a third coat tomorrow to be absolutely sure there isn’t a hint of green peaking through any of the pink or peach. It’s all coming together so I’m really excited to finish it all off tomorrow!

Hopefully we finish painting ahead of schedule tomorrow so we can put stuff back in the living room. I’ve got my appointment with the ear/nose/throat specialist early in the morning on Monday and I’m kind of nervous that it’s not going to go exactly to my liking. If I’ve got enough time to gather my nerves tomorrow evening I think I’ll be okay. I feel I just need to chill out and get ready for an early morning, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do that!

In other news, I’m really excited to go to IKEA again soon. We’ve decided on a new set up for our TV which includes a few cabinets and shelves and eventually we’ll mount our TV, too. I would also really like to get some new white lampshades for the living room now that the walls are warmer colors. I also might need to look at curtains since the ones we have don’t exactly go with the color scheme of the room now that the green is gone. In addition to all of that, I’m totally itching to buy some patio furniture so we can sit outside and enjoy nice weather when it happens. I haven’t been able to settle on a specific type that I like, which is kind of annoying now that it’s summer, so I may have to just pick one at random and wait to find the perfect one at a later date.

day 163 painting: day 2