Fresh as a Daisy

Quick, somebody get the Queen on the line because I actually woke up feeling a little better today!! I was beginning to think that I’d be in that loopy can’t-do-anything-except-sleep phase forever so it’s a cause for celebration, that’s for sure.

I haven’t had any Day Nurse (the UK’s Dayquil equivalent) today although I did manage to spend some time out in the sunshine while catching up on my Vegas journal entries. In fact, I finished writing one about my little breakdown and I’m kind of glad I didn’t write that one on the day because it would have been incredibly depressing. Sometimes hindsight is super helpful! I also re-potted four of my plants and watered the rest, too. I thought I’d watered them recently but judging by their soil it must’ve been longer than I remembered.

Since I’ve been feeling marginally less ill, I’ve been doing a little bit of admin for Bit by Bit by Sienna. I’ve officially hired my first team member to help me with social media and I’m so excited to bring her on board next month!! In preparation I’ve been looking into the best ways to share passwords with teams these days and setting up Bitwarden with all of the logins. I’ve also been going through my product photos and trying to organise and label them in a way that will hopefully make sense to someone who is not me. Ah! It’s so crazy to think that my little team of one will be a team of two!!

After working on business stuff I went up and had a really nice soak in the tub, and then Alex made me an actual non-soup dinner and we watched some reality TV show on Netflix. It’s been a pretty good day, not going to lie! It was nice to see the cherry blossom petals floating through the wind and collecting on the ground. I always think of them as nature’s confetti because they’re always seem so celebratory.