New Sims 4 Stuff!

Today I put up the first two parts of my Sims 4 speed build! I basically wanted to recreate our building and thought it might be fun to record the process and then chat over the sped-up footage. I’ve unlisted the videos because I’m sure they’re both somewhat cringe-y, but I’ll put them in a playlist just below if you’re interested!

I didn’t sleep very well last night, so I gave myself a bit of time to procrastinate more of my coursework. Honestly, I’m a little annoyed that I’ve been having such bad sleep lately. I even tried to look up stress management exercises but it’s all the same stuff I’ve been doing! At any rate, I’m trying not to burn myself out so I worked on finishing up my speed build videos before I set out to scour the internet for flooring samples.

Today was another day at the gym, but I don’t think I did as much as I could have because my head wasn’t in the right space. I had a difficult time getting in the zone because I was constantly scanning the room and keeping my guard up incase that old guy decided to give me more “advice”. Luckily he was nowhere to be seen.

I bought some more Sims 4 stuff today! Just as I was about to start building more, I noticed Origin was having a 50% off sale on their expansion packs as well as a 25% off sale on a few of the stuff packs. I’ve been waiting for a sale to snatch up some new Sims stuff so I just went ahead and bought them all. It was definitely an impulse purchase, although I’ve been planning on buying them for a while now. Since I installed everything I’ve just been tooling around in build mode and making a few new sims to try it all out and see what’s new. Honestly I would definitely recommend getting the two expansion packs if you’ve got the base game and are feeling uninspired. There are so many more options for everything with those two!

Anyway, I’m going to get off the computer shortly and begin winding down for bed. I really hope I don’t have another night of stressful dreams, so wish me luck!

day 167 new sims 4 stuff!