Out with the Old

Getting rid of old clothes is surprisingly easy when you haven’t worn them in over a year. Today we spent a good chunk of the afternoon going through our wardrobe and trying nearly every piece of clothing on to determine if it was worth keeping around. We filled four bin bags by the end of it. My husband had a whole pile of trousers that he hadn’t worn for about nine months, so when he tried those on it was incredible to see how much weight he’s lost in that time! The whole process was bittersweet, though, because we actually ended up getting rid of plenty of perfectly good clothing that was just too big or not our style anymore. I ended up letting go of a bunch of old dresses and tops that I’d been holding onto for the perfect occasion but sometimes you just have to accept the loss and move on. I would really like to see some of my faves go to good use so hopefully some of my sisters-in-law will find something cute to take home when we get together for drinks and dress up!

In other news, our friend Hannah surprised us with a visit this morning! It was great to catch up with her, plus she got to meet Dolores. Tomorrow my friend Mary is coming over in the morning and I think I’ll be taking some headshots for her social media stuff.

This week looks like it’ll be all right for me in terms of stress level (but who really knows!!!) in the lead up to our trip to Southampton on Friday. Tomorrow I’ve got to call the hospital and ask about when my tonsillectomy is scheduled and I’m really hoping they have a date booked for me soon. If not, perhaps there’s a waitlist I can join? Other than that, I’ve also got to continue on with my module. This round of notes is taking a lot longer for me to get through simply because soft furnishings aren’t as simple as I expected them to be. I expect I’ll be working on this module throughout the week rather than doing it all in one day like I usually do. I’m trying very hard not to stress myself out with everything, so wish me luck!

day 185 out with the old