Shopping was a Success!

What a successful day of shopping!!! I managed to get just about everything on my list, including a brand new high impact sports bra. We spent a little bit more than we had originally budgeted but it’s all right considering the fact that we got all of the necessities in the end. I bought a pair of acid wash skinny jeans, pink linen shorts, a white shirt with a flamingo in the pocket, a white shirt with red stripes, a denim over shirt, a pair of flats, and some new underwear.

The jeans I got are the smallest size jeans I’ve worn in the last four or five years, which is crazy. I get so annoyed when I buy a new pair of jeans and then they stretch out and become super baggy within a few months. I ended up going a size down in my jeans to see if they stretch out to my actual size after a little while. It does feel really good to go down a size, despite the fact that I’ve felt kinda meh about myself in the last week. Speaking of feeling good about myself, when I was trying on the sports bras I got super excited to workout on Monday!

My husband would have gotten more but sadly he couldn’t find any chinos that were totally right, so in the end he got a pair of trousers, a belt, and a stripe-y shirt. I definitely got a lot more clothing than he did, but I think we’re both pretty pleased (and he looks so adorable in his new outfit, so everybody wins). We also picked up some workout gloves from TK Maxx so we can hang on the monkey bars at the gym without hurting our hands! Overall it was a great day of shopping.

In other news, I really need to cut my hair again sometime this week because it’s just getting to be annoying to style. I’m torn between spending money to have a hair stylist cut it for me and just doing it myself to save some cash. In all likelihood I’ll probably end up doing it myself, and I bet it’ll turn out just fine in the end.

day 184 shopping was a success