Savings & Getting Sick

My music library on my phone keeps disappearing at the most inconvenient of times. Wednesday everything apart from one EP had disappeared and, much to my misfortune, I only noticed when I was in the locker room of the gym. I was able to put everything back to normal when I got home after my workout, but that didn’t stop my iTunes library from deleting itself during the middle of my workout today. I was listening to Carly Rae’s Boy Problems when the music cut out completely for no clear reason. I’m not sure what to make of my disappearing library but hopefully the issue is now resolved after I re-synced my phone to my laptop this evening. It’s mostly just super annoying that this keeps happening right as I’m about to get my workout on.

This evening my husband and I took a quick look at our finances after I looked up what percentage of income should go toward savings. It turns out that 20% of your income should go to savings, 50% on necessities like bills and food, and the remaining 30% is all expendable. We compared those numbers with our current budgeting and were shocked to find the majority of our money goes towards necessities, with only about 5% going to savings. After a closer look, however, we both decided that we’ve budgeted a few extra things (gym memberships, my interior design course, monthly savings, etc.) in as necessities just so we are aware of all of our outgoing monthly payments. In reality we’re actually a lot closer to the 50% mark when it comes to necessities, although our monthly savings amount could be a lot better. The plan right now is to work on our finances over the rest of the year so that in 2017 we can implement a new budgeting scheme so we can hit that 20% savings mark each month. It’ll be nice to watch our savings grow but we’re also both pretty happy with our current budget.

Tomorrow we’re heading into town to do a bit of shopping and I’m really looking forward to buying some new stuff. Both of us have way too many baggy shirts and since we’re going to Southampton next weekend to visit friends we’ve gotta dress to impress (or not look too shabby, anyway). Speaking of Southampton, I’m a little annoyed because I’m probably going to be sick by the time next weekend rolls around. I’ve had a dry cough the last few days and I’ve noticed my tonsils acting up more than usual. I called up to find out the details of my tonsillectomy and discovered that the surgery is being held at a different hospital, so I can’t find out any other information until I call them on Monday. Hopefully they’ve booked my surgery in soon because I’m tired of getting sick so frequently. This will be my fifth time getting sick this year and it’s becoming super frustrating having to account for that.

In other news, Beatrice seems to be doing all right with Dolores. I swapped their bedding a few days ago and she’s gotten used to the kitten’s scent to the point where she curls up on the cat bed quite often. Tonight we put Dolores in a cat carrier and brought her into the living room so Beatrice could get used to being in the same room as her and it didn’t go terribly, which is definitely a step in the right direction. My main concern is mostly that Beatrice is feeling neglecting so I’m trying to keep her from hiding in the wardrobe or under the sofa too often. I think we’ll have to keep scent-swapping and all of that over the next few days and see where it gets us.

Phew! I didn’t realize I had so much to say today, but there you go. Here are some cute pics of Dolores scampering around the living room this afternoon, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 183 getting sick & savings