New Haircut, New Me

About every eight or nine months I go to a salon to get my haircut. I like to think of it as a necessary treat, especially since I’m more than capable of giving myself a haircut in the comfort of my bathroom at any time. When I can budget it in and I know what I want, I make sure to book an appointment at the salon and actually have a professional look after my hair. It’s so nice to have someone else be totally responsible for my haircut rather than hoping the back looks as good as the front.

So I had my haircut appointment today and it was one of the best I’ve had in the last year. The hairdresser was very focused and she communicated what she was doing and why she was doing it and I appreciated it so much. I’m not the best at small talk and I always find that when I’ve got a particularly chatty hairdresser I walk away with a haircut that isn’t technically sound. Luckily my hairdresser today gave me a great new hair do that I absolutely love! It’s so light and bouncy and I feel like I’m an entirely new person.

Great haircut aside, it’s been a really good day today. We bought groceries and stuff for our barbecue tomorrow, plus we finally bought patio furniture (and it only cost £42) which means we can actually sit outside and enjoy the weather. I also had my second twitch livestream and it went over really well. I do wish more people would come to the livestreams because it’s always more fun when you have people to talk to, but I’m still enjoying it. As of right now I’m thinking of doing livestreams on Thursdays at 3pm BST, and maybe once during the weekend, but I haven’t settled on which day just yet. Once we get the PS4 and the headset I’m going to do livestreams of Alien: Isolation so that should be a real fun time. If you want to catch a livestream you should follow me on Twitch so you’re notified when I go live!

day 212 new haircut, new me