Wine and Clothes Swap

Playing hostess isn’t necessarily something I like to do, however I do take a fair amount of pride in it. Today I set out on a mission to pick up all of the fixings for dinner, plus wine glasses, and I think I did a fabulous job of pulling it all together in the end. Around 6pm my sisters-in-law arrived and we cracked open the first of four bottles of wine over olives and stuffed vine leaves whilst waiting for my husband to get back from the gym. The evening went over really well in my opinion and I had a great time entertaining the girls.

We even managed to make it out to a couple of the local pubs for drinks after we wrapped up dinner which was a nice change of pace, although by the time we got there it was just about last calls for drinks anyway. Next time I think we’ll bring more to drink or set out to the pubs earlier but overall I think everyone had a good time chatting and trying on clothes at my place.

Oh, right, I nearly forgot that the whole reason I decided to throw together this little get-together is because I have a bunch of clothes I’m planning on getting rid of and wanted to give my sisters-in-law first dibs before hauling it to the charity shops in town. I’m glad they found some clothes to take home, though! It’s so difficult to get rid of perfectly good dresses but at least they’re going to good homes now.

In other news, tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut! I’m super excited because I can’t wait to have something shorter and easier to maintain so hopefully it all goes well. After I get my haircut I think we’re going to pop in to Robert Dyas and buy a bistro table and chair set, and then we’ll probably go to the shops and pick up food for our Sunday Barbecue during the cycle races. But anyway, I’m quite tired so it’s about time I call it a night. See you tomorrow!

day 211 wine & clothes swap