Furniture Sourcing & Completing the Monkey Bars

I wasn’t expected our PlayStation 4 to arrive today, but I’m sure glad that it did! Growing up I never got into games apart from watching the ones my brothers would play so to finally have a gaming console that actually belongs to me (and my husband!) is pretty neat. The gaming headset I bought also came in the mail today so I’ll be able to do some livestreams while playing Alien: Isolation pretty soon, although I’m going to play a bit by myself first just to get the controls down.

In other news, I started working on one of the assignments for my latest interior design module. This one is all about sourcing furniture and I’m tasked with finding luxury, mid-range, and budget options for sofas, armchairs, dining table sets, coffee tables, and storage. I do a lot of furniture sourcing for myself so I’m no stranger to how time consuming it can be, but doing it for an imaginary couple without an actual budget is proving to be quite difficult. It’s really pushing me to find new manufacturers so hopefully by the end of this course I’ll be well versed in the art of sourcing furniture online!

I had my workout at the gym this afternoon and I am pleased to announce that I did the monkey bars. Twice! I had just finished up my ab routine decided to give the monkey bars a shot. I didn’t find it very challenging but I was so elated when I made it to the final bar that I jumped down and cheered. One of the trainers saw me do it and he came over and gave me a high five and told me I “totally smashed it” haha! I’m so glad I finally did it! It’s taken me maybe like a whole month to get to this point but now I can actually do the monkey bars without feeling like a fool!

Today’s been really good. Tomorrow I’m determined to finish off this assignment and get started on the next one so as to give myself piece of mind, but I’ve got to make time for laundry and other household chores, too. Anyway, that’s it for today! See you tomorrow!

day 214 furniture sourcing & completing the monkey bars