Exhaustion Takes Over

You know, maybe I am getting sick after all? Yesterday I was annoyed because I felt really overheated but didn’t have a fever, and today I still don’t have a fever but my throat is starting to feel a bit raw. At the gym I really struggled to do my best; exhaustion got the better of me. I only did about half of my usual workout and I’m still feeling totally knackered.

Speaking of getting sick, I still have no idea when I’m getting my tonsils removed. I phoned up to find out and got no response, but luckily they returned my phone call this time. The secretary at the DHC just had more bullshit, although she is very nice to speak to on the phone. Basically my tonsillectomy is still being pushed around for funding but according to the secretary Ashtead hospital should have it in their hands. I’m annoyed about this whole thing but I’m going to make a point to call on Friday and follow up with all of this tomfoolery.

I’ve been procrastinating continuing my assignments. The next one on my list is a technical drawing of a bespoke piece of furniture (I know, how bougie!) and I just really can’t be bothered to put it all together, you know? If I weren’t so damn tired maybe I’d have the energy but even then I’m not sure I’d hop to it. Exhaustion is no joke when you’ve got shit to do, my friend. Tomorrow. I’ll start doing the assignment tomorrow, okay? I don’t think I’ll be able to finish my assignments for this module by the end of the week but that’s all right. Hopefully I can muster up some momentum to keep me going through next week, though!

Anyway, I’m exhausted. I need to go to bed. See you tomorrow.

day 216 exhaustion takes over