Couple of Bad Days

Ain’t life just a bowl of cherries? It’s no surprise that I’ve had a couple of bad days in a row this week and I wish I could say that I had better news today. Unfortunately I woke up to an email from our managing agents with some less-than-stellar news. Apparently we owe them a couple hundred pounds more than they thought so now we’re in a bit of an annoying situation. We’ve got to set up a meeting with the managing agents and their bookkeeper to straighten out all of the details but I’m incredibly annoyed that this is even happening at all. This isn’t the first time our managing agents gave us the wrong figures for something, and I’m willing to bet that their calculations are incorrect. Hopefully it will get sorted out in our favor soon.

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather today and I’ve been doing a hell of a good job at putting off starting the next assignment in my module. Lucky for me my online course just brought out a new feature where you can click a button and auto-extend your due date by fourteen days each module! I may end up using it this module just to give myself a bit more time to get back in the groove although if I can find a second wind with this module I hope I’ll be able to finish it all on time.

This afternoon I did a livestream on Twitch which ended up being three hours of me trying (and failing many times) to sneak around in Alien: Isolation. It was so tense and so stressful but I do feel like I’m actually getting better at using the controller! By the end of the stream I was exhausted so I think next week I’ll definitely switch back to streaming The Sims 4, haha.

day 217 couple of bad days