Donating Clothes & Motivation

After almost two months, we finally donated our clothes to charity! It feels good to get rid of all of those clothes, especially since they were just taking up space in our closet. At least now they’ll have a new lease on life and will hopefully be enjoyed by someone else soon. A huge plus side to getting rid of clothes is that I can now look at my wardrobe and see where I’m lacking certain items, which means I’ll have to do some shopping in the near future. I think I’d like to beef up my selection of dresses considering the fact that I don’t own a single plain black dress.

We got a bit of a late start to the day but we did manage to make it to the gym in the afternoon. Both of us skipped our workouts yesterday so we decided to go all out with our ab routine today! It’s always more fun working out with someone else because then you can motivate each other to do that final repetition and then you can laugh about the dumb faces you pulled. The gym can be a really stressful place but I always feel more at ease when my husband and I workout together. Plus I get to totally whip his butt into shape!

Tonight we’re going to finish playing Life is Strange and I’m really looking forward to wrapping it all up and being done with it. Next week I’ve got to do more of my assignments, although I’m pretty tempted to auto-extend my module in order to give myself more time to finish everything. I’ve really been procrastinating this last week so what I need to do is put my nose to the grind and get to work. It’s so difficult to motivate yourself to do something that you don’t want to do, but I would rather get these assignments out of the way so I can move forward in the course.

Anyway, we’ll see how it plays out for me. I have confidence that I can pull it all together in time, but the real question is whether or not I’ll be in the mood to do it. That’s all I’ve got for today. See you tomorrow!

day 226 donating clothes & motivation