Lighting and Tiny Houses

My glasses are all smudgy and I’m too lazy to clean them so I’m just going to sit here and do my journal entry with foggy lenses. Dirty eyeglasses aside, I feel pretty good today. I woke up around 9am and then I actually got around to doing the notes for my coursework. The module is all about creative lighting so it didn’t take me very long because there was a lot for me to learn. Our flat only has a few types of lights – overhead and task lights. After reading through this module on creative lighting I think I ought to do a little lighting plan for our flat. We could really use some decorative and spot lighting, especially in the corners of the living room.

Speaking of, I really do need to go to IKEA soon! I had a look at our picture frames today and realized one of the big ones is busted. I’d like to hang up some pictures in the next week but it’s tough because I’m so indecisive about where to put them. Of course it would be easier to understand where they’re meant to go after we install the new media unit but that has yet to even be purchased.

In other news, I had my weekly twitch stream today! I did the “tiny house challenge” where you build a house that is 5×5 and it ended up looking so cute! It’s basically a super modern swamp house and it’s even got a murky pool. The stream today was great and I think I’m going to do more challenges in the future. Tiny houses are so tricky to build in The Sims 4 and still use them but I think I did well with what I had! Obviously if I’d used cheats I could have done so much more but I really wanted the house to playable. I uploaded it to the gallery (my origin ID is siennamooney if you want to check it out) and I think I might even try doing more tiny builds in the future.

day 231 lighting and tiny houses