Unplugging & Enjoying the Day

Sometimes it’s good to close the laptop and sit outside with a cup of tea and enjoy the weather, and that’s exactly what we did today. After both of my twitch streams yesterday I felt very drained. I stayed up until 2am playing Alien: Isolation (and ended up losing my progress when the alien found me) and I’m glad I took some time to chill today.

Unplugging for the day kind of just happened naturally. I think I felt so exhausted from the time I spent online yesterday that I needed a bit of a break. Luckily for me, my husband was kind enough to keep me company. He even woke me up and got me a cup of tea, the sweetheart.

Oh, and I finally managed to sit outside at the patio table! It was a bit chilly but it was really lovely once the sun came out. I enjoyed listening to the leaves rustling in the wind and surveying my surroundings. I hope we get some more warm weather so we can sit outside again, but at least I managed to cross that off my list for this week.

Speaking of my list, we hung some pictures up on the walls and I put some books out on the shelves. I’m not one hundred percent sure about the picture placement, but at least they’re up off of the floor for the time being. White picture frames will probably look a bit better than the black ones we’ve got right now. Oh, and we had dinner at the table! I can’t even remember the last time we had dinner at the table. We normally sit on the sofa and watch TV while we eat and as much as I love watching my shows I think we both had a nice time chatting and eating together at the table.

All in all, today’s been very mellow. I feel relaxed and I’m looking forward to the start of a new week. Perhaps I ought to try unplugging my laptop more and enjoying the day! See you tomorrow!

day 234 unplugging & enjoying the day