Tidying and Snoozing with the Kitties

As much as I had hoped my elated mood would carry me throughout the week, I have to admit that I can already feel it fading away. Still, I’ve had a pretty good, albeit quite sleepy, day. My friend Mary is coming tomorrow and since she’ll be staying with us for a while I thought it would be a good idea to do some tidying up.

My desk/vanity in the bedroom has gotten increasingly disorganized and messy in the last two months, partly due to painting the living room and having to cram everything into the bedroom, and also due in part to my laziness. Regardless, it was time to re-organize the space and give everything a good dust-off. I finally managed to hang up the mirror and I’m quite pleased that I managed to get it level on the first try. The majority of my makeup rests in the drawers beneath my desk, however I do have a fair amount that sits in containers on the top so I made sure to make those look as presentable as possible. I could really use more shelves in the bedroom, though, seeing as how I still have so many things that need a proper home. Ideally I’ll mount two shelves above my desk and then maybe another above the bed, too, but that’ll have to wait a while.

The rest of the flat still needs another once-over with the vacuum cleaner before I’ll be satisfied, but I think I did a good job tidying up the bedroom. I even rewarded myself with a nap on the sofa with Dolores during the afternoon for all of my hard work. Although I didn’t get up to beginning the second assignment in my module, I had bigger fish to fry. Tidying the flat usually takes the whole day when my husband helps me so it’s no surprise that I only got some of it done today. The rest will just have to happen tomorrow!

 day 236 tidying and snoozing with the kitties