Hangover Recovery and Road Trips

I’m back home now in the comfort of my very own bed, the watchful eye of Beatrice glaring at me from the wardrobe as I get this journal entry up. This morning I woke up with such an awful hangover so I’ve been taking the whole day to somehow recover from it. We left Manchester around mid-day after finishing watching Zootopia and watching half of Stoker, but then it was time to head home. I had a really great weekend visiting Jude and Ashley in Manchester, and I’m sad it’s over! Manchester is such a cool place and I’m glad I was able to explore it with such a fun bunch of people.

Yesterday’s journal entry went up really late and was pretty bare, so here’s a quick run down of what we got up to. We set out into town and did a bit of shopping before heading to Crazy Pedro’s Part-Time Pizza Parlour (more on that in a moment). My husband and I sneakily purchased a housewarming gift for Jude and Ashley as a way of saying thanks for letting us stay for the weekend, and then we also bought the coolest flower vase before moving on to the mall. I managed to find a pair of sunglasses in Top Shop, and after that we decided to refuel with bubble tea before wandering over through town to get to Crazy Pedro’s for happy hour.

Crazy Pedro’s was so good!! We ordered a margherita pizza and the rest of the gang shared a margarita bucket (literally a plastic bucket filled with a frozen margarita) while I nursed two “Eternal Sunshine” cocktails because who can say no to two-for-one cocktails?? Anyway, after many rounds of half price drinks, we set off towards the hookah bar we spotted earlier. We didn’t realize the hookah bar was actually just a bar that happened to have three hookahs, which was a little disappointing because we couldn’t choose the flavor or anything, but at least they played old Jennifer Lopez jams while we did some jager bombs! By the time we made it back to the flat we had also managed to stop off at an off-license and pick up a couple bottles of wine (and I’m sure none of us needed more alcohol at that point) and we chatted and drank until about three in the morning.

So it’s no wonder that I woke up with such a hangover! Anyway, I’m glad to be home after such a full weekend. I’m hoping to get some time to recharge my social batteries and rest for a while. See you tomorrow!

day 242 hangover recovery and road trips