Tea & Vet Visits

Jazz music is blowing in through the living room window tonight and it’s making me wish I was drinking a pint of beer down at the pub, but instead I’m curled up on the sofa, reflecting on my day. It’s not a bad thing to be at home by any means, and actually I’ve had a very nice day so it’s not like I’m complaining! The music just makes it seem like I’m missing out on something happening at the pub, that’s all.

Right, so what did I get up to today? One of my sisters-in-law came over for tea and coffee this afternoon, so it was nice that we were able to catch up with her and her fiancé while they were around. Sometimes I get really nervous about inviting people over to the flat but luckily I didn’t feel as skittish today. Plus, it was nice to bust out the tea pot and do a bit of hosting.

After tea we had to take Beatrice to the vet for a check up. Earlier in the week it seemed like she might have had a urinary tract infection or something similar but the last two days she seemed like she’d bounced back, so the vet appointment wasn’t conclusive of anything. It turned out to be just a little check up to make sure Beatrice is doing okay, and luckily she was very well behaved and even purred while she was being examined. We asked the vet to check her eyes for cataracts because her pupils seemed a bit foggy but he said it just looks like normal deterioration, which is a relief. We also asked about her weight since she’s so thin these days, and actually she’s gone from 6.9lbs when we brought her in around May 2015, all the way down to 5.5lbs. But she’s a sixteen year old cat who eats a steady diet of wet food and dry food, along with a regular servings of treats, so her weight loss is likely due to old age. But anyway, it was a nice trip to the vet and Beatrice seemed happy to have some one-on-one time with us without Dolores lurking around the corner!

Overall, today has been a good one. Not too crazy, not too boring. See you tomorrow!

day 268 tea & vet visits