Trying to be Useful

I’m at odds with myself for no good reason, and honestly it’s getting on my nerves. Ever since I finished the last set of assignments for my interior design course I feel like I’ve been twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my next whim to come along and occupy my free time. I keep going back and forth trying to decide what to do now that I’ve practically completed my interior design course, but I can’t seem to stop drawing blanks.

The logical part of my brain is saying to take it easy and not put so much pressure on myself to Figure It All Out™ right now, especially since it’s the weekend before my birthday and I’m in no real rush to jump into a career. I ought to give myself a period of time to get my head together and understand what it is I want out of the next few years of my life. Since I’m the queen of worrying and impatience, the waiting method isn’t going super well for me at the moment. I think that I could definitely use some time in an office setting, if only to build my social skills and prepare myself for a work environment, but also just to do something useful with my time. Playing The Sims 4 is great and everything but I really do need to find something to do outside of the house.

Next month I’m going to be filming a video every day for the month of October as a way to mix things up a little bit, but also just to have a bit of fun with editing. In November I’ll be participating in National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) so I expect I’ll be very busy as well. Now that I have about a week left of not doing anything, I just feel a bit useless and that I ought to be doing something useful with my time while I can, you know? Anyway, that’s all I wanted to write about today. I don’t feel bogged down by these thoughts but it does help to get them out there. See you tomorrow!

day 267 trying to be useful