Pumpkin Carving: A Fun and Stressful Time For All

It finally happened. I carved my first pumpkin of the holiday season, and let me tell you: it did not disappoint. For some reason I remember pumpkin carving being a lot quicker? Either way, I filmed my question and answer video while scooping out pumpkin guts so look forward to seeing that tomorrow!

One of the best parts about carving a pumpkin is roasting the seeds afterward. My husband had never had roasted pumpkin seeds before so I’m pretty sure he’s a changed man after that experience. We’ll definitely need to buy a few more pumpkins before the month of October is up. It would be great to have a ton of pumpkins lining the front of the flat, but I’m not so sure I’ve got the patience to carve all of them.

Last night I began working on the playlist for our Halloween party and it’s coming along pretty well so far. I’ve got all the classics, including Monster Mash, I Put A Spell On You, Witch Doctor, but I’ve also mixed in a few party jams in for good measure. It’s a big task, but someone’s gotta do it. Speaking of our Halloween party, we finally got around to ordering One Night Ultimate Werewolf!! I’m so excited to play with our friends, especially since it’s such a good game to play around Halloween. I also bought a pair of drinking dice just to add another layer of fun to the evening.

Tomorrow we’re meeting up with my husband’s family to celebrate his little sister’s birthday and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with everyone and grabbing drinks, too. It’s been ages since I’ve had a cocktail so it’ll be a very nice treat for me. I think I’ll bring along my vlogging camera and my instax mini to capture the evening.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today! Make sure to check out VEDO #14 below and I’ll see you tomorrow!

day 289 Pumpkin Carving: A Fun and Stressful Time For All