Pre-Halloween Party Prep List

Last night I drew a schedule for the next six days and made a list for each day of the stuff I have planned, mostly because I think I have a difficult time knowing the right order to do things. Today I needed to tidy the bedroom, change a few light bulbs in the bathroom, and wash all of my makeup brushes. I also had to go to the gym and deliver some goody bags to our neighbors to let them know we’re having a party this weekend. I managed to do everything I wanted to do today and have some time to watch Gossip Girl! Honestly, what a success story.

Tomorrow seems like it will be a bigger day than I’ve planned out. My to-do list only has three items on it: carve pumpkins, bake cookies, and wash blankets. I think I’m most skeptical about the pumpkin carving but only because of how long it took me to carve my first pumpkin a few weeks ago. If I can carve one pumpkin every two hours I should be done in no time, so maybe I should just plop down in front of my laptop and watch Gossip Girl while scooping up pumpkin seeds.

Friday’s to-do list is all about preparing for our guests and making sure we’ve got enough supplies for the weekend. I’ll be doing my famous candy apples, too, and I can’t wait! I hope they turn out just as delicious as they were last year. Oh, that reminds me that I need to find popsicle sticks tomorrow. Anyway, there is a lot of preparation we have to do before the party on Saturday but I’m hoping we can limit the amount of crafting and baking we have to do on the actual day to just a couple of things. I mean, I’m sure it’ll be a great party even if the snacks turn out terrible, haha!

day 300 pre-halloween party prep list