A Sore Throat And The Quest For Comfort

It’s day two of NaNoWriMo and my sore throat is still hanging around, but this time it’s back with a vengeance! So I’ll admit that I was hopeful that I would wake up in the morning and be able to get ready in time to head to the coffee shop for lots of writing, and I also expected that I would be able to hit up the gym for my mid-week workout. Little did I know that my sore throat would be even worse today.

Instead of sitting in a cafe and writing for hours on end, I curled up on the sofa with my scarf wrapped tightly around my neck, gulping mugs of herbal tea with lemon and honey. Nonetheless, I still found time to hit my word count goal of 8,335 although I will admit that it was a little bit challenging to find focus considering my throat feels like it’s on fire.

I even sent out my husband several times during the day, hoping he would be able to find a grilled cheese sandwich for me to choke down, but unfortunately England doesn’t understand good comfort food. Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned this in yesterday’s journal entry but, uhm… I dropped my phone in the toilet. So, yeah. It’s been sitting in a bag of rice since then, but we ended up backing it up on my laptop so I could load my stuff onto my husbands phone while we figure out our next steps. I feel bad because he’s back to using his iPhone 4s which seems minuscule in comparison to the 6s, but I’m very grateful that he’s lending me his phone for the time being.

Dropping a phone in a toilet is never great, by the way. At least the toilet was my own and it was clean at the time, but I still feel like a total idiot. I guess that’s what happens when you wear skinny jeans while you’re sick and forget to take your phone out of your back pocket when you go to the bathroom! Lessons learned and mistakes made, kids.

Anyway, we’re off to Brighton tomorrow so wish me luck in recovering from this sore throat! I’m stocked up on Night Nurse/Day Nurse (the UK’s less pleasant answer to NyQuil and DayQuil) and I’ve even got a throat spray to keep me going. See you tomorrow!

day 306 a sore throat and the quest for comfort